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Neuromuscular Re-Education is a technique used by physical therapists to restore normal body movement patterns. Our nerves and muscles work together to move. Nerves send signals between your muscles and your brain about where, when, and how fast to move. Over time, muscle movement patterns are learned and stored in your memory.

  • When nerves or muscles experience damage or injury resulting from trauma and various medical and neurological conditions, muscle movement patterns can be negatively affected. Pain, inflammation, and swelling due to surgery or injury can lead to loss of neuromuscular control and abnormal movement. Neuromuscular re-education is one method used by physical therapists to facilitate the return of normal movement in patients with neuromuscular impairments.

It comprises of:

  • Manual techniques (PNF-proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)
  • Activities for balance and core control
  • Therapeutic exercises are designed to re-develop normal controlled movement patterns.

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