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Top-notch therapy services for you and your family.

At ACTIVE REHAB, INC, we provide convenient, in-home therapy to our clients of all ages. It is our goal to help individuals in regaining their independence through high-quality physical therapy services. Our professionals are well-experienced and dedicated to doing their duties to ensure that our clients receive the treatment they deserve.

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Why Choose Us?

Experience Matters
Our physical therapists have on average 20 years of clinical experience in the field treating a wide range of conditions.

Time Spent Matters
Our therapists spend as much time as is needed with every patient, every session. We spend up to an hour or more with one person at a time with no distractions.

Consistency Matters
Every session is with the same licensed physical therapist. This facilitates increased continuity, rapport, and better results.

Continuous Learning Matters
Our therapists maintain certifications and pursue continuing education to learn new skills. This helps us be stronger clinicians and thus better serve our clients and their needs.

Staying Safe Is a Priority
We adhere to all State, local and CDC guidelines and maintain all appropriate safety and health measures. We also provide telehealth therapy options that offer exceptional care while keeping people safe at home. This is a great alternative treatment option.

We provide the following services:

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